Our Projects We bring your kid's dreams to life.

When you work with our professional playset assembly services team you can expect the project to be done on time with the highest level of quality. We communicate with you from start to finish to ensure there are no surprises. When we take on a project, we can provide a full spectrum of services or just help you where you need help. We can help you plan, purchase, install and maintain your entire playground. On the other hand, if you just need a swingset installer, we can be your swingset installer.

Our projects include:

  • Free Playset Site Evaluation: Choosing the right location for your playground is important. There are many factors to consider. In addition to the size of the area available and whether it is level, we can help you decide how to make accommodations for proper drainage, choose ground cover and edging, and many other factors that help you get the most out of your playset. We can recommend playground designs that can minimize the site preparation requirements and keep your total costs down.
  • Equipment Selection: We have worked with all the major brands of outdoor recreational equipment as well as the online and local retailers. We can help you get the best playset for your budget.
  • Pickup, Storage, & Delivery: Have your new play set kit shipped directly to us or, when your playground equipment arrives at a local St. Louis area retailer, we can pickup the kit for you and store it until your site is ready for installation. Then we will deliver and assemble it. We can pickup from Costco, Sam’s Club, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Menard’s and other local retailers.
  • Playset Assembly Services: Our team of professionals is meticulous about quality and safety. Every aspect of the installation is checked and double-checked to ensure proper installation.
  • Playset Maintenance: Continued maintenance will help you get years of enjoyment from your backyard or commercial playset. In the St. Louis area, it is important to prepare your playset for the weather. This may include applying a wood sealant to the structures. In the springtime, it is good to inspect the set for wear and tear as well as natural rot or sun damage.
  • Below are just a few examples of projects we have completed. We would be happy to meet with you to go over specific examples that reflect your needs.

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We serve the entire St. Louis metro area. Please contact us if you have questions, would like a quote, or for a free site evaluation.